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Click Depot Austin’s new SEO tool – best austin seo company

successful Internet website required to ensure that all aspects and factors involved in SEO positioning, are appropriate and if an error is present on the site, have the ability to immediately detect and fix accordingly. Not always but you have access to analysis tools high quality allow us to know the detail is so well running our website in terms of SEO, so they are always welcome new SEO tools as in the case of Wishes. org, helping precisely to each of these aspects.

Click Depot Austin is a service of SEO optimization and web analytics that provides webmasters with efficient solutions with respect to different parameters and factors taken into account in positioning a website in search engines. To achieve the best results have been unified set of SEO tools considered most important in the segment of web optimization, so that all are in a single platform.

As noted, the service commitment for integration of the most popular and efficient SEO tools currently on the market. These SEO tools are: Google Analitycs, Majestic SEO, Moz, Webmaster Tools, PageSpeed​​, Google+, Google Place and Spirit. From the analysis of the site with all of these tools, the service has the ability to offer customized reports on the state awaiting the site, manage alerts, create event calendars, in addition to providing a directory of professional SEO companies, together with reports monthly updates, news, and tips and recommendations.

The main advantage that the customer gets the contract with them, is that all these tools are accessible through a single platform, which means you do not have to access them individually. This directly affects a significant time savings along with improved productivity by allowing you to focus on other equally important factors or issues within the website.

Currently, they offers two different types of plans to clients interested in hiring the service. The first is the basic subscription, which will cost  49 a month and get this one campaign; Studied 100 pages; 1 Company Profile and 3 competitors studied. The Standard Subscription meanwhile has a cost of  79 per month, but in this case the client gets 5 campaigns; 500 pages studied, ie 100 pages campaigns; 5 Social profiles, as well as 15 competitors studied.
online Demo

To display the service they have offers, the company has an online demo where customers can see what the different parameters of your website that are analyzed. To use simply have to access the official website and then locate the online Demo link. Below, you can see in detail how this new tool works for SEO analysis.

I will test it and will comment my impressions later, but since as I said, is a tool that first impressions are very good.

Did you tried? You what to like? leave a comment and together we can better assess.

SEO Sponsored Posts There Purpose And Ethics


The importance of a sponsored post for your company site according to this seo firm

The importance of sponsored, in the world of search engine positioning of today’s posts capital. However, it is even more important when it comes to positioning a company’s website. In this article we will explain what are the sponsored posts, and why they are so important.

What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post, popularly known in SEO circles as “review” is an article published on another blog or website, and has a link pointing to our site.

These sponsored posts can be of two types: camouflaged, or normal. The camouflaged, usually do not indicate what is being said. Simply write an article like you normally would, and, by the way, put the link to the keyword in question.

Normal, however, are articles about the place you plan to promote, and then include the link.

And why are they so important?

Previously, you could easily position with just link exchanges. That, today, is no longer possible. Google has focus on those sites that receive and release the bonds without explaining why users and visitors.

The importance of a sponsored post

In this sense, the alternative is sponsored posts where that is thrown link makes sense, as it relates to what is being said. Google believes that this link has value to the user, and therefore, do not penalize, but rather appreciates. So, on one hand, is important because it contributes to the web further positioning the contextualized no simple exchange links. But there’s more.

For the website of a company sponsored posts serve to publicize the brand, product and / or service. That is why, when we talk about positioning for companies, sponsored posts that interest us are normal, not camouflaged.

Getting sponsored such quality websites and blogs posts, get recognition, online visibility, and organic positioning while.

As you can see, the importance of sponsored posts is crucial to obtaining a better search engine positioning. But it is even more important when we want to get that position in a corporate web. In 77market have a network of blogs where we can self publish sponsored posts so that our customers get a good position quickly and easily.

Stop Optimizing Old SEO Content & Opitimize the New Content

If you have built your website and you’ve probably already focused on SEO traffic you’re getting and you’re seeing your stats grow weekly and monthly ever month. It is really exciting to see how your efforts are paying off. But what happens when you hit a plateau? This can happen even to the best sites. Focus on SEO according to atlanta seo company can be very tempting to continue optimizing your website and other sites but can also be a mistake and the new rules are adding Google search, it can be a big mistake.

seo optimization

How can you tell if a page (or your whole site) is over-optimized?

This is a legitimate, but tough question. Google does not publish their algorithms to see them, but that means that most of these suggestions are just that, suggestions. Just like you are able to continue doing these things without penalty, while another site might seem penalized for less. Here are some clues to help you determine if your page or site can be over-optimized:

Excessive repetition of the keyword phrase
This is the most common optimization signal envelope. If your keyword phrase is more than 10 occurs 15 times in your article or have a high keyword density, you may be over-optimized. One way to check this is to ask someone who knows your site to read the article and tell you what they think is the phrase you are optimizing. If they are able to tell the exact phrase is probably over-optimized.

Titles that are pompous and repetitive
A strategy that was common was to write his title in the format keyword phrase – something else keyword phrase eg “Meta Keywords – Using Meta Keywords”.

Several headlines using the keyword phrase
While you do not want your keyword phrase to be included in the main H1 holder, repeating at each subsequent subheading may be too and that seems over-optimization. Strive to create headlines, titles, subtitles and text is only natural sound and using the keyword phrase in your case.

Is it bad to duplicate content?
Duplicate content is one of those things that many people are confused about SEO. In fact, one reason why it’s so confusing is because a video Google put try to answer the question. In this video, Greg Grothaus explains what is duplicate content and how Google looks.

When duplicate content is bad?

One of the easiest ways to determine if your duplicate content will hurt your site is to ask why you want to duplicate content. If your reasons are more to do with who want more eyes on the content, whether you want the content to display higher in searches, or if you want to manipulate search results, then you should not do it.

Google may take action against your site, to completely eliminate their results if they feel they are trying to manipulate search results. However, in this case, the duplicate content is a symptom of spam and spam is the reason why your site would be removed.

SEO Professionals Are Important To Follow

What is an SEO consultant – website

The SEO consultants are professionals who are dedicated to the best and optimization of the websites. These people are really essential, mainly because  consultants have a wealth of experience to position websites in search engines.

A person is able to position the pages of companies or commercial blogs without any problem, because he knows what are the key points to do so without any problem.

Optimization strategies are designed to develop other outside sites that make our pages are optimizing  are much more visible to google strategies.
What things an SEO consultant is fixed

If you are looking for a SEO consultant , you have to know what a Seo consultant can do for you.

The keys of internal optimization

Today, there are different pages with all kinds of content. When we are talking about a professional SEO, we are talking about a person who works from within the pages for the sole purpose of making them fully visible to the search engines.

The SEO consultant knows what are the most important points of a website, how they should be organized things in it and mark the most important things to search engines from within it.
Key content

If you are looking for a SEO consultant in , another key to be taken into account is the content.

A SEO consultant should be aware of the content of the page and slope of all things that are up to the web.  A SEO consultant can catapult a web content through it to the top of the search engine.

Additionally, a SEO consultant in  is able to find the perfect title to include the right keywords that position, not only this post, but the entire web.

A SEO professional , knows that search engines are to be fixed on a page when many other pages talk about it. When a page gives good content, other sites use it as a reference; if many other pages appoint as your good content, up in the google positions.

This is the main plan of an SEO can generate many links outside of our website so that you can get that search engines take into account a page.

The importance of hiring a professional

In order to optimize the pages correctly, it takes more than having “some knowledge” of how to properly optimize your pages, especially when we are talking about corporate sites.

For a page is on the top of the search engine, should not only offer originality, but the technical quality and aesthetics. Such things are only an SEO professional can do in .

SEO Tools for the analysis of Keywords


The keyword analysis is the first act in a SEO strategy for your Online Marketing. Therefore, analysis of keywords is the base where our SEO strategy will be supported, so it is essential, correct and proper choice of them.

SEO Tools for the analysis of words
What if we assume the keyword analysis?

Hope it’s not your case, since it is a serious fault in a SEO strategy. If we are to do the SEO read more information of any of our projects and have not previously made ​​a list of keywords, is likely to devote efforts in vain and we position keywords that do not generate any traffic visiting or we position a keyword with a level very high competition. That is why we must never forget that we must perform keyword analysis. The next step is to filter those 10 most important terms that we would like to enter the Top 10 of Google. There are several SEO tools that allow us to make our list of keywords, but only will talk about some of them:
1. keywords Planner (formerly known as Google Keyword Tool)

This SEO tool allows you to perform local searches for cities to know exactly the number of monthly search for that keyword. Another aspect is to see the trend incorporates keyword, similar to Google Trends feature that can be of great utility.
2. Word Tracker

Wordtracker you can make a lot of keywords in your analysis. It informs both search volume and competition, trends and the CPC. However, the aspect that attracts the attention of this tool is that it tells you if a keyword is worth for SEO or not.
3. Sistrix

Sistrix is a complete SEO tool that can analyze keywords and you can be very interesting. We can compare, for example, the results obtained with the Google tool, and get more information of our keywords.
4. Google Correlate

This tool can serve to detect attractive niches through a particular keyword. It is free and allows us to complement the above, adding new words to our list of keywords.
6. Ubersuggest

This suggests keywords tool similar to a particular word, that is, offers certain variations of this same keyword.
7.- Semrush

This Seo tool is without a doubt the best tool to perform an analysis of the key words of our competition and thereby obtain good ideas for making our keyword list. It is a very complete tool where you can find a list of our competitors, see web traffic, announcements of payments, etc.